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Du-Watts Electric Inc.

Originally a sole proprietorship, Du-Watts incorporated in June 1985. Du-Watts Electric has enjoyed continuous growth since that time. Choosing to be a union shop and member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), has provided Du-Watts with a steady supply of quality-trained workers, readily available to perform all types of electrical construction throughout Hawaii.

Just as every person in Du-Watts Electric, Inc. is an integral and unique part, every contract and project is unique. Hawaii, because of the distance from the mainland and diverse cultural heritage, adds to the challenge of construction. Du-Watts Electric, Inc. understand the uniqueness of the individual and Hawaii and uses that knowledge to perform superior electrical work throughout the state.



Du-Watt Electric Inc. has been providing superior commercial, residential and industrial electrical work since 1980. Assembling a core group of exceptional Union Electricians has resulted in profound respect within the Hawai`i construction industry. Cultivating a workplace of expected excellence, diverse skill sets, and a positive attitude has yielded high standards of quality.


A commitment to providing excellent work is only outdone by our commitment to work with honesty and integrity. Du-Watts Electric Inc. is a multi-generation owned & operated business that employs local residence of our Maui community.


Du-Watts Electric Inc. prides itself in conducting business with a level of unmatched professionalism. From ownership to those in the electrical apprenticeship program, an emphasis on conducting oneself with professionalism and class is spoken of early and often.

Hours of Operation

Mon -Fri 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Sat & Sunday Closed

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Phone: (808) 244-8228
Email: info@duwattselectric.com

Office Address

401 Hookahi St., Unit 2
Wailuku, Hawaii 96796
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